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Through this page, you are able to order cases of product.  Each case contains 12 bottles.

"LowTE Dim 60 capsules"

LowTE Dim

DIM is an extract derived from cruciferous vegetables – such as, bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussel sprouts! Simply put, DIM helps our pellet therapy work better and last longer for most patients. With your hormones optimized and adding the DIM helps many patients also slim down.

($24 per bottle)


LowTE Probiotic – contains three of the most studied microbiota contained in patented capsule – increasing absorption.

($16 per bottle)

"lowte florida freete supplement image"

LowTE FreeTE

Perfect for your “Non-responders” or for those who “just want more” of the effects of their treatment. 

13 published human clinical trials – and more to come!

($15 per bottle)

"lowte florida adk supplement"

LowTE ADK – the literature is full of studies on the synergistic benefits of combining vitamins
A, D & K

($15.50 per bottle)

"LowTE Florida ADK 10"

LowTE ADK10 – the literature is full of studies on the synergistic benefits of combining vitamins A, D & K

($15.50 per bottle)

"lowte iodine plus supplement"

LowTE Iodine PLUS

Iodine PLUS helps increase energy, promotes healthy hair, nails and teeth. Helps with weight loss, energy, mood, and supports your immune system.

($25 per bottle)

LowTE Sleep Deep

A natural solution for you patient’s that continue to struggle with sleep issues. 

This formula provides nutrient and botanical support for optimal sleep and healthy circadian rhythms.

($21 per bottle)

"LowTE Methyl Factors supplement"

LowTE Methyl Factors+

Supports Heart Health and Homocysteine Levels – Promotes Brain Health, Focus and Memory – Encourages An Upbeat, Optimistic mood – Promotes Detoxification and Liver Health.

($21 per bottle)

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This bundle includes one case each of LowTE Probiotics, DIM, FreeTE and ADK.

When purchased separately the total price $804 –

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"LowTE Florida Skinny Tabs supplement"

LowTE Skinny Tabs  

A perfect solution for you patients that are struggling with their weight.

Increases energy, increases metabolism to burn fat, helps with detox and liver function, very easy to swallow, boosts and enhances weight loss results!

($25.50 per bottle)

"lowte florida citruslim"

LowTE Citru Slim

 A natural, healthy, weight management supplement. Reduces stress hormones, reduces hunger hormones and controls cravings, supports healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy blood glucose levels, improves mood, supports physical and mental vitality.

($15.00 per bottle)